Don’t Like Wigs? Short to Long Extensions Possible


To each his own they say, and we have a lot of clients who are not fond of wigs period.  They would much prefer hair extensions and that’s just fine, except when the client has really short hair, like a boy cut.  The install of hair extensions is then quite difficult, but still do-able as long as the technician knows where to lay out the tracks strategically.  My tracks we don’t mean wefts.  In the photos below we used our individual-based extensions the patent-pending Double-Ring tip extensions used in combination with Microchet extensions, and we worked our magic to make it work!  Check out the before & after below.  Awesome work done by our head technician Helen.

short hair to long extensions - before

even with a short cut like this…

short hair to long extensions - after
we can install hair extensions to make it look like this!


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      price depends on many factors, e.g. length of hair, style, texture, quality, hair base and size, and etc. Please call us for a free consultation!

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