Experts Call for Ban on Glue-in Hair Extensions

alepecia patient after

We came across an interesting article from BBC where The Trichology Society is calling for a ban on glue-in hair extensions.  Apparently in the last two years there has been a 15% increase in the number of women seeking help after damaged hair after using hair extensions.  But the article is very specific to mention that the cause is mostly by glue-in hair extensions.

Experts want hair extensions using glue banned because they say the bonding is causing traction alopecia, which rips hair out by the roots causing small bald patches.

The condition can continue to spread even after treatment is started making the damage irreparable.

But of course New Hair System has always known this, and that is why we do NOT promote nor use glue-in hair extensions. As some of you know, the glue-in extensions like Hairlocs uses heated glue or keratin to attach the hair extensions to the client’s hair.  You can call it whatever you want to and sugarcoat it any way you want, but at the end of the day you’ve just used GLUE to attach your own hair with the extensions.

Here at NHS, we specialize in the strand-by-strand NO-GLUE methods such as the Microchet and the Micro-Ring extensions. It’s much less invasive and subtle technique that does not damage your hair as the glue-in extensions. One of many reasons why our clients keep coming back to us!