Hair Extensions Damage? No Problem!

hair extensions damage before

This past week our hair technician Helen worked her magic again, coming to the rescue of another client who fell victim to the dreaded glue-fusion hair extensions.  If you remember our last blog entry, we wrote about organizations wanting to ban these types of bad hair extension techniques.

As you can see below, our client came in with mangled hair, tangled beyond belief due to bad quality hair and the glue residue left behind by the previous extensions.

hair extensions damage before


After we got rid of her previous extensions, it was time to give her new beautiful hair extensions, NHS style!  Although our client had super short hair we used our special technique and voila, another happy customer! =)

hair extensions damage after

2 thoughts on “Hair Extensions Damage? No Problem!

  1. Danielle officer

    I recently have lost my and am bald at the back. I’m 27 and am under go for depression., really need help, it’s ruin my life

    • admin

      I’ve been in this industry for decades and about a year ago I had a quarter size bald spot appear suddenly for no apparent reason. That little bald spot stressed me out tremendously, so I can only imagine what you’re going through. We’re here to help, please contact us for a free consultation with Helen. You got nothing to lose.

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