Want to know all about New Hair System (NHS)?  At NHS Los Angeles, we’re all about giving you that perfect hair make-over.  We service hair extensions and hair replacements for men, women, and children, using the best quality of hair available (remy or remi hair), and using the most specialized techniques!  NHS has been in the hair system industry for the past 35 years, and we have all the experience in the world to accommodate your needs.


Helen at New Hair SystemOur lead hair technician Helen has been in the industry for 25 years.  She started off working for her brother B.J.  at BJ-HDC, who is known around in the world as a pioneer in the men’s hair systems industry.  There she acquired her skill set as an excellent stylist and hair technician, mastering all the nuances and intricacy of installing women’s hair extensions and men’s hair systems.   As a result, she has a loyal following of clients that swear by her, and for good reason.  Men & women come to her because she makes the custom hairpieces or lace-front wigs look 100% natural.  In addition, those seeking hair extensions come to her for her incredible technique in Microchet, NXS systems, AND micro-ring (micro-cylinder) hair extensions (strand by strand or via weft).  When it comes to hair systems, she’s simply the best!

At New Hair System, our goal is not to have the most clients, but to offer our clients the highest quality products and service. You see, the name NHS has become synonymous with quality and craftsmanship. It is the reward of providing exceptional level of service that drives NHS to continually develop and advance in the art of hair replacement. What we offer here is a unique personal touch.  Finally we must say, we’re not trying to be the biggest, simply the best.
Helen at Work Training Students

Helen at work. New Hair System Inc.

Hair Product & Service Consultation with John & Andy

John & Andy your hair product and service consultants

John & Andy your hair product and service consultants

We are John & Andy, father and son, with combined industry experience of 45+ years. We operate small from our modest office-salon in Los Angeles, but we are part of a big network overseas.  Consequently, we have aligned ourselves with key manufacturers and partners in Nepal, Belarus, and China to connect and coordinate you and your product.   John  & Andy have been the key consultants for many infomercial hair products and celebrity lines.  Thus, we have connected many of the local hair establishments ranging from San Diego to Beverly Hills.

NHS India Headquarters

Monika from New Hair SystemOur lead Expert in India Monika Negi has been in the industry for 8 years.  Also she is young and enthusiastic and continuously works upon giving best and latest to the clients. Monika has traveled all across the world to gain the expertise and knowledge.  In addition,  she is a “USA certified” expert in hair systems and hair extensions.  Not to mention, she has been performing consultations for several years now and has learned that the way to give our clients the best hair systems is to try to personally meet with each client. It’s easy to see, this is the ultimate way to get a perfect hair system.

D-90B,Chattarpur Enclave
New Delhi-110074
Email id: monika[email protected] | [email protected]
Telephone no:-+919971353383



about new hair systemWe have dedicated ourselves in providing the latest and highest quality hair products available anywhere. So we cover hair pieces for men, hair repair and maintenance, hair extensions for women, hair product & service consultation.  In short, we have the technical know-how and the experience, and we own and run our own hair factory overseas.

And most importantly, we only use 100% human hair, and offer true Virgin Euro-Remy Hair.  Hence we only use raw material that are “virgin hair” status, which is hair that has not been chemically treated at all.  Why?  Because perms, hair coloring, and dyes make human hair unhealthy and less valuable to work with.

So the bottom line? Our remy (remi) hair is special; it’s the best of the best!   We also own and control our own hair factory, and we have full control over how our hair is harvested and manufactured.  Also, all our remy (remi) hair is hand-sorted and delicately processed.  In summary, just think about how cashmere is handled, because that’s how our factory handles hair. 

  • Over 30 years of industry experience
  • 100% Euro-Remy (Remi) Hair
  • Excellent Customer Service
  • Hair Extensions (Micro-ring & Microchet)
  • Hair Replacements (customized hair pieces)
  • Offer Full Privacy
  • Affordable Pricing
  • Hair Product & Service Consultants
  • We Harvest Our Own Remy/Remi Hair
  • Hair Repair and Hair Duplication
  • Free Consultation

Our Location

Check out our totally private lot cozy little house of hair system magic.  Also it’s discreet, which is important to many clients.  And that’s not all, there’s private parking and even a garden to enjoy.

new hair system house house of new hair magic house of new hair system 20170218_143218

new hair system garden

Because there’s clean air inside (with air purifier), you’ll feel comfortable and relaxed.

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We hope you have a thorough understanding about New Hair System as a company and what we represent!