Our Remy Hair


What is Remy Hair? (AKA Remi Hair)

One can say that human hair collected directly from a hair donor is Remy hair. It is sometimes referred to as cuticle hair, virgin hair, or cut hair. The majority of human hair sold in the industry is non-remy hair, which means that the hair cuticles have been stripped by the process of bleaching or acid-bath. Remy hair goes through special processing during the de-pigmentation phase, one that resembles treating cashmere. With this the hair cuticles are still intact, therefore the hair is stronger, shinier, and more durable.

remy hairremy hair

How is it Collected?

Remy hair (aka Remi) is collected by appointment directly from the hair donor. The hair is tied in one direction, harvested, and the direction of the hair is preserved. Hair that is collected at random, not keeping track of the natural direction will tangle when it gets wet. With Remy hair the cuticle is always going in one direction as on a natural head of hair, so it is less likely to tangle. Since all the hairs are placed in the same direction, the hairs remain undisturbed, making them more durable and long lasting. Remy hair lasts longer, keeps vitality and elasticity, colors better (enhancing color consistency over 95% to that of synthetic- fiber), easier to comb and it curls better. This is what makes remy hair so special.

What is Virgin Hair?

Virgin hair is a common misconception, because it takes on so many different meaning from different people.  True virgin hair would mean that before it was chopped off and donated, it was never processed or treated in its lifetime.
virgin remy hair
Now let’s be realistic here.  How many European women can you find with long tresses that have never been to a salon to get their hair colored or curled?  Don’t you think true European Virgin hair is a far-fetched idea?

The fact is true European hair is very rare, and expensive like gold.   However in less developed countries like India and other parts of Asia, attaining true virgin hair is more feasible for obvious economic and cultural reasons. 

But don’t worry about all that.  The truth is, 97% of the human hair out there (remy or non-remy, European or Indian) have been chemically treated in one shape or another.  The key fundamental difference you want to know is, how it’s being treated.

So at New Hair System, quality is king.  Virgin hair or not, we make sure that our Remy hair is unidirectional and  double-drawn (see below).   Like mentioned above, special care and attention is invested into every strand by our factory workers overseas.

Double-Drawn vs Single-Drawn

Remy Hair Single Drawn: This type of Remy Hair is taken out directly from the scalp by shaving the head. Care is taken to remove the very short hair, with the longer hair, found in different hair length (60%).  This gives it a pony tail like appearance.

Remy Hair Double Drawn: This type of hair has the same wave length in a piece (80% to 90%). The hairs are arranged with equal lengths. There will not be any short hair in a piece.