NHS Headquarters in India


Our lead Expert in India Monika Negi has been in the industry for 8 years.  She is young and enthusiastic and continuously works upon giving best and latest to the clients. She has travelled all across the world to gain the expertise and knowledge.. She is a “USA certified” expert in hair systems and hair extensions.  She has been performing consultations for several years now and has learned that the way to give our clients the best hair systems is to try to personally meet with each client. This is the ultimate way to get a perfect hair system. Continue reading

Bad Hairpiece? NHS Saves the Day!


We come across several situations like this where we have to “fix” other hair replacement center’s mistakes.  This client came in distraught after paying for a very expensive hair system from Beverly Hills.  Now why is such system that cost well over $1500 looking so mangled?  With ordinary care a quality system shouldn’t be like this.  And their attachment technique was very flawed and contributed to what you see on the first three photos below.  Luckily we got her all squared away with our attachment technique.

bad hairpiece before fix bad hairpiece before fix bad hairpiece before fix Continue reading