Hair Repair


New Hair System Hair Repair & Maintenance

hair repairIf you have any hair system in need of hair repair and maintenance and you live too far from us, there’s no need to worry.  New Hair System can do that for you through mail!  It doesn’t matter which type of hair replacement system you have, just send it in to us and let us worry about fixing it! *

Simply (1) download the order form below, (2) fill it out and e-mail, snail mail, or fax it to us, (3) we’ll contact you with an estimate, (4) ship over your hair system, along with the payment, and that’s it!

Download Hair Repair Form


Type 1 — Conditioning Related Services ($60/hr)


Deep Cleaning
Base cleaning which will remove all adhesive residue + hand hair wash.
Deep Conditioning
Deep condition done by hand.
No matter how bad the tangling, we have the know-how to detangle your hairpiece.
We can make subtle color changes and dye accordingly for lighter or darker effects.
Replace Clips
We can remove and repair clips on your hairpiece.

Type 2 — Hair Related Services ($60/hr)


Hair Addition
We will add hair to your hairpiece to any density percentage.
Add Gray Percentage
We will adjust the percentage of gray hairs to your liking.
Removing Density
If there is too much hair density on your hairpiece we can thin it out.

Type 3 — Base Related Services ($60/hr)


Lace Front Replacement
We can change out the old lace and add a new lace front to your base system.
Tear Repair
We can stitch your tear hairpiece together and make it look new.
NOTE: These prices DO NOT include shipping. Please add an additional $9.95 for return shipment after repairs are completed.

*Please allow 2 to 6 weeks for delivery depending on the job.  If you’re local to us feel free to setup an appointment and drop it off in person.