Silky Straight Micro-Ring Extensions


silky straight micro-ring extensions

These silky straight micro-ring extensions are just gorgeous.  Can anyone’s hair extensions get any more silky straight than this?  You see, we have been perfecting the installation micro-ring hair extensions for over 10 years now.  So this picture shows all the effort that went into achieving this look. These extensions are perfect for clients with medium to medium-heavy hair density.  Also, they’re natural looking because the extensions and the rings are light and move freely.  Ultimately, it’s New Hair System’s go-to method for achieving length and volume.  

On this client Helen used about  190 micro-ring extensions, all installed one by one.  First, color used was #4, medium brown.  Second, the texture of the hair is Eurasian Remy and it’s silky and smooth to the touch.  Each carefully prepped extensions were attached to the existing hair of the client.  In case it’s not obvious by the picture, these micro-rings (aka micro-cylinders) hold the hair together.  Sometimes the extensions can come out when the rings are not tight enough.  However, Helen installs them just right to make sure that doesn’t happen.

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