NHS Masters Training Course

Learn the way we do hair extensions yourself!  Hair business is popular as ever and it can lead to a lucrative business.  Learn the different techniques of applying hair extensions & hair systems* (Microchet, Micro-ring, Weft, Loose Hair, Clip-in’s, Men’s Custom Hairpieces) one-on-one with our lead hair technician.

one on one hair class
NHS 101 – Hair Template Fabrication and Ordering (1 Day Course – $345 Tuition)

  • Making tape template
  • Making mold template
  • Identifying the correct hairline, hair density, curl chart, gray chart, ventilation type, hair base type (mesh, PU, lace)
  • Proper consultation, Proper Ordering form knowledge, and factory connections

NHS 102 – Custom Hairpiece Installation (1 Day Course – $945 Tuition)

  • Kit included
  • Hairline placement
  • Bonding knowledge
  • Attachment techniques (glue, tape, micro-rings, clip-in’s)
  • Cutting and blending
  • Detachment methods and maintenance

NHS 103 – Lace-front Wig Installation (1 Day Course – $945 Tuition)

  • General wig installation methods
  • Lace-front placement
  • Attachment techniques (glue)
  • Detachment methods and maintenance

NHS 201 – Weft Installation (1 Day Course – $395 Tuition)

  • Attachment technique using micro-rings
  • Machine-tied wefts or skin wefts
  • Proper track placement
  • Detachment methods and maintenance

NHS 202 – Microchet/Macrame Installation (1 Day Course – $995)

  • Kit included
  • Attachment technique (2 types)
  • SPECIAL detachment method WITHOUT cutting (industry secret!)
  • Re-useable method
  • Proper placement

NHS 203 – Micro-Ring /Micro-Cylinder Installation (1 Day Course – $645)

  • Kit included
  • Attachment technique using loose hair, I-Tip, Ring-X, Double-X
  • Detachment method and maintenance
  • Re-useable method
  • Proper placement

NHS 204 – Hair Ventilation/Implantation (1 Day Course – $550)

  • Learn different techniques and how it affects hair behavior
  • Single knot, double knot, half knot, injection, looping

NHS 300 – Hair Masters Course (3 Day Course – $3595)

  • Be a jack of all trades and become the ultimate Hair Master.  Take all the classes above at a discounted rate!

All Courses Include:

NHS Hair Training Course Certificate
– One on One hands-on training
– Lifetime access to our online video page
– Certificate of Completion
– *Hair Systems Tools (density/curl/base chart) – *only for certain classes
– *Extension Tools (micro-rings, pulling needle, extension pliers) – *only for certain classes
– Hair preparation & maintenance
– Client consultation & pricing
– Wholesale link to our hair factory
hair extensions tool kit
hair extensions tool kit

Auto-Enrollment to Wholesale Account

ALL students who enroll for training and complete the course will automatically gain access to our “Wholesale Membership” page, where you will be able to order custom hair systems at wholesale.

NHS Hair Extension Online Training Video

Nothing beats a thorough one-one-one Masters training course like above. But if you want to get your feet wet, feel free to purchase and gain access to our online training video.  Get your access now for only $9.95!  See how we install micro-cylinder extensions (loose hair, I-Tip hair, Weft hair, Microchet hair) and familiarize yourself with all four methods!

Loose Hair + Micro-Ring (Micro-Cylinder) Extension Method Microchet Extension Method
Weft + Micro-Ring (Micro-Cylinder) Extension Method I-Tip + Micro-Ring (Micro-Cylinder) Extension Method

ATTENTION! Please note that payments are NOT refundable once logged in to our online training page (members page).  Once payment is made we will email your username and password.  The web page includes video instructions and picture by picture instruction pages.  For this reason, we will not be able to grant you a refund once payment is made and you gain access to our members page.WARNING! This process must be applied by licensed Beauticians only and we strongly recommend enough practices, such as adding and removing process. We, New Hair System are not responsible for any results from using our products. Anyone, who use this product , must take their own risk, and must be a licensed beautician to practice on other client’s hair.