One on One Training Offered by Helen

New Hair Academy

Helen has been in the hair replacement and hair extensions industry for over 30 years now.  With so many years on her belt, her passion now grows in teaching more and more each day.  We know hair extensions courses are dime a dozen, so how do we differentiate ourselves?

1) Well, besides learning from the BEST, we offer a one-on-one training course with each individual student.  Attention to detail, full undivided attention, constant Q&A, and all the goodies that come with one-on-one training session.

2) There aren’t a lot of companies out there that offer classes pertaining to custom hair systems.  We offer an array of classes involving the hair replacement industry; custom hair systems.  Helen reveals all her secrets to you, all one-on-one!  What’s the catch?  There is no catch really, other than hoping that you would use our back-end hair factory to order your custom hair systems for your clients.  But that’s only an option, and you can choose to go with any factory overseas you can find on Google.  But hey, we think picking John & Andy is a wiser choice! 😉

More hair systems and hair extensions training photos on Flickr

We have a dedicated website that explains it all, full curriculum and pricing info.  Please visit for more info.

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