Hair Duplication


We are the masters of hair duplication!  We can duplicate your current hairpiece for less, and better!

Duplicating your Hairpiece

hair duplicationWe know that it isn’t easy to find the perfect hair replacement system, and often it comes with a price tag that is anything but perfect. That is why we offer to duplicate ANY hairpiece you send us for only $399*. You can send us a custom unit from Hair Club, Apollo, New Man, HairDirect, Farrell Hair or any other major retailer! We can also clone a hand-made system from a local hair vendor. Most often, you will find that the quality of your new hairpiece is even better than the original!

Benefits of Hair Duplication

  • Fast and hassle free. All you have to do is send us your unit. We take care of the rest!
  • Cost. No need to fill out any invasive questionaires or request a quote. We duplicate ANY hairpiece for $399*. Our prices are so low because we get our hair directly from the manufacturer allowing us to provide you with the same quality products you may pay hundreds, even thousands more for with another vendor.
  • Flexibility. We welcome you to make any changes you like to the unit such as base material, color, density, hair length and just about anything else you can think of. We can also work with a mold of your head if you prefer not to send a unit or you don’t have one.
  • Convenience. We are happy to make any arrangements to return your unit as soon as you need it. Although it is preferable to send the unit to the manufacturer for the duplication process, we realize many of our clients may not want to be without their hairpiece for an extended period of time. If necessary, once we receive the system we can record all the information needed and ship your unit back to you as soon as you need it.
  • High Standards of Quality. We use only the highest quality hair available and deal only with the most reputable manufacturers.

3 Easy Steps for Hair Duplication

  1. Download and print our custom order form below. Fill out all the pertinent information. If you have any questions, or prefer not to use our order form just Contact Us.
  2. Send us the Order Form and your Hair System. You may also want to Contact Us and let us know it’s on the way. We can also answer any questions you might have at this time. You may choose to send a check or money order in the package as well. You can also pay electronically or via the phone.
  3. Thats it! We will process your order, pass the information to our manufacturer and provide you with an order number for reference. We will keep you posted on any new developments with your order, and you can also check in with use any time.

Download Custom Order Form Adobe Reader  Note: Please ignore the old address on the PDF form. Use the new address 745 Crenshaw Blv.d Los Angeles, CA 90005.

*$399 price is for top of head closure units. Additional $300 fee applies for 3/4 cap and $500 fee for full cap units. Please contact us for more information regarding 3/4 and full cap customs.