Hair Extensions



At New Hair System, we are trained for an array of hair extensions techniques and custom wigs.  For those interested in the strand-by-strand methods, we use the super fast double ring-tip/micro-ring extensions technique.  It’s similar to the Hairlocs ™ system, only better.   Also, if your have extremely light density or super fine hair, we are trained for the Microchet extension technique.   Finally, for those of you interested in wefts or the track system, we specialize in the NXS Hair extensions technique as well.


Alternatively, if extensions are not what you’re looking for, then of course we do custom wigs and hair systems.  So we got all avenues covered!  So set up a consultation with us and find out what method works best for you. 

hair extensions customers at New Hair System

DOUBLE RING-TIP EXTENSIONS (similar to Hairlocs only better!)


New Hair System uses the superior attachment method using specially designed Micro-Cylinders (aka Micro-Rings). These cylinders are a vast improvement to the common wefting methods in use today. Not only are they light, flexible, and easy to install and remove, Micro-Cylinders do not require sticky glues for attachment or strong solvents for removal. Anyone familiar with hair systems knows the damage that these harsh chemicals can cause. The Micro-Cylinder attachment can be removed without pulling your hair out. And now with the patent-pending Double Ring-Tip extensions (where there are two strands of I-Tip extensions attached per ring), the installation time is cut by half!  The micro-rings/micro-cylinders have vastly improved as well, now with silicone lining that improves attachment strength ten fold!

Traditional Micro-Ring Extensions (micro-ring + I-Tip hair)

Double Ring-Tip Extensions

Double Ring-Tip Extensions


Microchet Extensions are becoming popular as ever, as when attached it is very hard to detect the extensions from your own hair. They are super light-weight and the wearer virtually feels nothing. Microchet extensions are fusion bonds with looped string ends, which are skillfully tied-on to your own hair using our special technique. After the initial installment, these same extensions can be re-attached using the Micro-Cylinder (Micro-Ring) method as well. This may be the perfect solution for clients with ultra-thin hair and low hair density.

Microchet Extensions at New Hair System


NXS Hair Extensions are a tracking system that does not use heat or glue, nor sewing or weaving.  It’s quite the innovative technique that also uses Micro-Rings, and can be installed in less than an hour.  This system does not damage your hair, and it’s comfortable to wear throughout the year.  You can remove and uninstall without using any chemical solvents.  It’s versatile in that in can be blow-dried, hot-ironed, and curled to create that ultimate look you’re looking for.
NXS Hair Extensions


If installed right, NXS extensions, Micro-Ring (Micro-Cylinder) extensions, and Microchet extensions can all be virtually undetectable.  You can put up your hair in a bun or let it flow freely, either way it works!

virtually undetectable


Because of our experience with men’s hair systems and hairpieces, we also service custom lace-front wigs, using only the best quality of hair. We take careful head measurements to ensure that perfect custom fit.


Wigs in general are an ideal solution for recovering chemo-therapy patients and for those that suffer from Alopecia.  We’ve helped many customers and patients, and we will be able to help you!


We also fix and repair bad hair extensions you installed from a different salon.  Here’s a client who had used the glue method from a different place,  and consequently ended up with matted/tangled hair.  We were able to fix & repair her hair in a reasonable amount of time.