Afro-textured Hair System


You can see Helen in the background taking a picture of her work.  We have been fitting custom Afro-textured hair system for dozens of years.  The attachment technique is the same, whether we use the bonding technique or our specialized patented linking method.  

Our manufacturing plant has always been very good with matching the kinky texture of Afro-textured hair.  As some of you know the grade of curl or “kink” also varies, and we follow our curl chart to make sure it meets the existing texture and curl of our customer’s hair.

afro-textured hair system afro-textured hair system

The hair system here is virtually undetectable.  The demarcation like is non-existent, and the fade looks very natural.  

So don’t worry about the type of hair texture you have, no matter what the situation New Hair System can help!

Impeccable Hair Line


Here’s a client who wanted to have the slick-back style.  The key was using Swiss lace hair system, which is very fine and virtually invisible to the skin.  One drawback is that it requires more frequent maintenance and not as durable as other lace systems, but the immediate pros are evident; they are breathe-ability, comfort, and obviously the look!

impeccable hairline - new hair system